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    4 August at 07:08 from atlas


    Grand-dad's dunny day

    Started in the usual kind-a-way:

    First he met his new grand-kids,

    Calves, that is!!

    Then he gathered all his gear

    And set off on his rounds

    Of tending yards; mowing grounds,

    Far and wide,

    Grand-ma at his side,

    For she's the one to ride

    The tractor-mower, taking all terrain©

    In her mechanized-stride,

    While he looks after edges,

    Poisoning weeds, clipping hedges;

    Tackling other tasks,

    By appointment, or just when asked.

    All-in-all they lead a busy life,

    Working team, husband-wife;

    Family-people who work hard;

    Are simply wizard's round my yard!

    Having thought about it; pondered well,

    Today I presented another job,

    One that might require

    A slightly prolonged, awkward bob:

    Would grand-dad change my toilet seat?

    Yes, he said, and followed me inside

    To the littlest room where the loo resides,

    Then, without missing a beat,

    He knelt at the toilet bowl's feet,

    And proceeded to remove the aged seat.

    Once the area had been cleaned,

    Grand-dad noted where the old seat'd been,

    Positioning and affixing the new one to the latrine ...

    Thank You, grand-dad, for getting rid of the old has-been.

    He did allow, however,

    That he had another similar job to deliver -

    Another customer had called his place

    And asked him to replace

    The toilet seat

    At her own place!

    So, that's how grand-dad's dunny day came about,

    A change of pace? Without doubt!

    But, two in one day5

    No way5

    Usually, but will it happen again?

    Who knows if, where, when;

    But grand-dad will be ready to experience his dunny day again!

    A 'Ford Thought' © Isobel Ford 23.07.2012


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